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Stage Magic & Illusions

From Chicago, and coast to coast, John Leclaire has magical performances for events of every kind – at home or at your social, community or corporate event.

1. Trade Shows
2. Company Picnics & Sales Meetings
3. Birthday Parties & Family Celebrations
4. Holiday Parties & Social Gatherings
5. Church & Community Events
6. Large Production Stage Shows
7. Audience Participation

John Leclaire is a professional magician and a proud member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Society of American Magicians.

All of John’s shows feature volunteers. Audience members are always invited to share the spotlight and assist in creating the magic.

Whether you seek parlor magic, sleight-of-hand, or audience participation, John Leclaire will bring magic to your event.

John’s live animal show includes:
1. Circus Trained Toy Poodles
2. An Array of Colorful Doves
3. Tigers (for those big stage productions)

For magic on a grander scale, The John Leclaire Magic Show presents a wide variety of magical crowd pleasers for Chicago and the USA. Classic illusions like The Zig-Zag Lady, Houdini's Metamorphosis and The Floating Lady are performed with music, choreography and style to captivate audiences of all ages.

All equipment, sound system and backdrops are provided for the show.

John Leclaire will make your event a magical moment to remember.

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