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Our team of professional magicians for hire performs across North America, with appearances on national TV. We take magic seriously while making it fun for our audiences!

The goal of our magicians is to make people smile. So if you're searching for a way to bring joy to guests at your next school activity, church function or trade show, contact us today. We'll help you with memorable magic entertainment!

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  • The company's founder, Philip Murad, came from humble beginnings growing in Montreal, Philip started out as a quiet, shy kid. But that all changed one day with arrival of a most unlikely friend- Henry the ventriloquist dummy.
  • Philip's brother got Henry for Philip from a friend for $5, and may have seemed like a very minor thing at first, but after bringing it to his class for show and tell, Philip was inspired to actually take up ventriloquism. Sure enough, this was the key to Philip turning his nature outward- he was soon wowing kids all over town with his talent and personality, and building a reputation as a local celebrity. By 13 he decided to study magic as well, and made it the subject of his intense focus. He continued to do shows throughout his youth, even when studying for his BA in Film and Communications at McGill.
  • After many years in the magic industry, Philip Murad found his second passion- business- and combined it with his first to make magic shows even more accessible to the average person. In honor of his background, he started his own company and named it for himself and his magical partner. His flare for perfection has driven the company to new heights and developed a far-reaching network that extends over the United States and Canada.
  • Successfully using Magic as a tool for education and entertainment Philip Murad and his team have propelled the company into a new era of global expansion.
  • Philip is now married, with two children, and now resides in Vaughan, Ontario. Philip still takes time to find pleasure in performing for his own children and occasionally for television.

A trusted entertainment brand, performed for millions.
  • Serves both magicians and clients all over Canada and the United States by booking, scheduling, planning and creating shows.
  • Specializes in screening and training magicians to put on a fantastic Philip & Henry Magic Show in your local area at a fair price.
  • Sets out Professional Guidelines and Standards for the Magicians, to ensure the safest and highest quality of talent
  • Has websites all over the internet that have high visibility and brand awareness.
  • Represents a variety of types of magic shows such as illusion, street magic, close-up magic, escapism, and magic-comedy.
  • Offers services for a variety of functions and events such as birthday parties, corporate functions, fundraisers, daycare centers, summer camps and more.
  • Has grown at over 30% year over year since 1998.
  • Over 20 years ago Philip Murad founded the company, but only in the past 10 years has the company been managing magicians all over North America n The company now has the largest network of performing magicians in the world. With hundreds of local offices and main offices in Toronto, New York and Las Vegas.
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Please call our special events coordinator at 1- to discuss custom options and details to make your special event magical and unforgettable.

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