Monday, March 26, 2007

The Masked Magician will a graphic novel, and possibly even the big screen?

(Via Super Hero Hype)

Remember that guy that enraged fellow magicians by revealing key secrets on prime time television? Well, he's now going to be the subject of a fictionalized graphic novel. That's right, the Masked Magician.

Back in the 90s Nash Entertainment produced Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, which starred the anonymous 'Masked Magician'. He quickly became the bane of every magician's existence by explaining mysteries of magic to millions of people on television. In the last episode, he was revealed to be well-known illusionist Val Valentino.

Well, now Bruce Nash wants to turn it into a fictionalized graphic novel, in hopes of starting a franchise that could lead to a feature film. Nash describes the story as a 'cross between Darkman and the movie FX', about a magician on the run from the law, who fights crime using his magician skills, in order to redeem himself from his dark past. In doing so, the story would again explain various methods of magic.

The four original specials will re-air on the Fox Reality channel this spring.

Now, am I the only one that finds this to be an odd concept? Will it again 'raise the ire' of magicians everywhere? Is it just riding on the coat-tails of the recent interest in magic in the mainstream media?

Tune in this year. Same blog time, same blog URL!

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