Friday, March 30, 2007

Press Release Time!

Philip and Henry show Emily Yeung How to Conjure Up a New Way to Wow Viewers

Toronto, Canada - Fans are still talking about the recent appearance of Philip Murad, renowned professional magician and ventriloquist, on the This Is Emily Yeung Show on Treehouse TV. Philip and his partner in magical comedy, Henry, showed off their skills to six-year-old host Emily Yeung. What makes their act even more unique is the fact that Henry is not only the other namesake for their company- Philip and Henry Productions- but he’s also made of wood. (And ‘Wood’ is, coincidentally, his name)

Henry is Philip’s ventriloquist puppet, and they’ve been together a long time- over 20 years in fact- and are still making appearances. Philip and Henry amazed Emily and viewers with a combination of skilled magic and illusion, as well as hilarious comedy, which is a standard practice in their shows. Emily’s show was the perfect for place for the pair to appear. “Emily Yeung was a brilliant host who allowed us to demonstrate what magic is all about,” said Philip, “I would not hesitate to do something like this again in the future!”

Ironically, Philip could even be doing other such appearances in the future, judging by the overall response to the TV spot. Many loyal fans as well as new clients, both young and old, tuned into the show and loved what they saw. “I did not expect so many people to respond in such a positive way, especially when we heard from so many adults!” exclaimed Philip. The company has also benefited- from an increase in business since the show aired.

He has also taken the skills and love of magic he has built over the years, and started his own business, Philip and Henry Productions. Which provides a variety of magic shows for all types of people, all across North America. “We have a huge ring of Magicians all over North America, ready and willing to perform the best possible magic shows they can for us,” said Philip.

Philip Murad and his team of magicians at Philip and Henry Productions have been putting smiles on people’s faces for over 20 years. The company offers a wide variety of magic shows, for all age groups all across North America. Philip and Henry Productions ensures quality performances, and highly trained magicians, who are passionate, and motivated in their field of work. For more information please visit

The This Is Emily Yeung show, features six-year-old curious host Emily Yeung, and airs on Treehouse TV and Playhouse Disney. Viewers join Emily as she journeys with a variety of guests such as fireworks experts, farmers, and now, even puppets.

EDIT: You can actually check out a preview of the episode here on the Emily Yeung website.

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