Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Music arising from Magic - Portugal The Man EP

(Via Aversion)

I accidentally discovered (via Google news) a review for a band called 'Portugal. The Man' who's new EP is entitled It's Complicated Being a Wizard. Despite the fact that the reviewer blasts it as being "more like synth-pop mad hatters than sorcerers", the one track from the album that I was able to chase down seems rather nice.

At the very least, I'm intrigued that the person reviewing this album uses the difference between a Magician and a Wizard as an analogy to express her skepticism on whether the EP was achieving what it had set out to do. This is the sort of comparison I can get behind! (as a writer, and as a budding magic enthusiast) Especially if the music in question is something out of the ordinary. (Dare I say, even magical) In any case this was a tangent, but I may have discovered a new band that I like.

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