Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Slow News Day - Time for a Fangirl Magical Moment

So I'll take this time to revisit the Harry Potter craze.

This morning I started re-reading the first book, in its spiffy adult cover (I still felt a little embarrassed to be reading it on the bus though). It doesn't seem nearly as interesting the second time around, but I still have trouble putting it down! As you can see by my widget, the minutes are counting down, and July is going to be one crazy month.

I also plan on renting (or borrowing) all of the movies soon and watching them again. Then I can obsessively (and annoyingly) point out all of the inconsistencies to anybody watching them with me. I should work out a plan to wait in line outside the movie theatre the day before Order of the Phoenix opens...

Maybe learn a few magic tricks for the occasion? Magician Megan on the scene as investigative magical reporter!

And without further adieu, here's an even newer trailer for the movie:


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