close up magic

Close-up magic is entertainment that involves magic that happens in front of your eyes, as well as magic that you can feel and touch. Its distinction from other kinds of magic is due to its intimacy. A stage magician won’t interact with the audience as much as a skilled close-up magician will (or any other form of entertainer for that matter).

The majority of close-up magicians employ standard props such playing cards, money, sponge balls, and ropes. And with these tools, all magicians do the same fundamental magical feats, causing the objects to appear, vanish, transform, float, rest and recover, and penetrate other things.

The near proximity of close-up magic, often with you handling props, is what makes it so fascinating. There are numerous common close-up magic tricks, as well as common routines for performing them.

For instance, in “Ambitious Cards,” the chosen card repeatedly rises to the top of the deck without being shuffled or cut, or in “Sponge Ball,” the ball moves between the audience’s hands and the magician’s in plain view.

In reality, if you want to look, you can find these tricks online for free.

Anyone can conduct an online search and purchase books, DVDs, or even common props and routines on magic close-ups.

How a close-up magician performs their magic is what actually distinguishes one from another. In fact, presentation is essential since it adds to the fun of close-up magic. The best professional magicians will be imaginative and present their magic in a unique and enjoyable manner. Sometimes it’s humorous, other times it’s enigmatic, and other times it’s just plain bizarre. Magic turns becomes a vehicle for the player’s character and beliefs.

Therefore close-up magic is such fun to watch. You are shown the impossible, bizarre, and beautiful by interesting, peculiar, and humorous people right in front of you!