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Need funds for your organization but don't know how to raise them? 

Offer a fun and exciting magic show. And have fun while you do it!

Don't want to go through a lot of effort but want people to think you did? 
Entice people to give-just like magic! 

As children, we are mesmerized by magic."How did she/he do that?" we wonder. (And even when we become adults, we don't lose the wonder.)

Think how wonderful it would be if you could get: more money, less stress, and ensured success! Think it would take magic? Well, it would! 

A phenomenal magic show would dazzle your audience, bringing gasps of wonder to wide-eyed children from 2 to 102.

Just who would be doing the dazzling? Philip & Henry Productions, Inc. 

And who would be doing all the stressful work? Philip & Henry Productions, Inc. 

Why worry about the details that fundraising entails? Unlike other fundraising companies, our team of experts will capably handle everything. So your fundraiser will be as fun for you as it is for your audience. 

We are so confident everything will work like magic, we even ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS! 

  • Delegate the aggravation, hard work, and stress to a team of professionals.

  • Do it at no cost.

  • Do it risk free. 

Why you can trust our magic: Philip & Henry Productions Inc. is one of the largest, most successful children's entertainment companies in North America! We have a few tricks up our sleeve: 

  • We are a talented network of entertainers for all ages. 

  • We have a proven marketing track record. 

  • For over 20 years we have made people from coast to coast gasp in wonder and smile from ear to ear! 

By now you may be wondering, "A fundraising solution from a highly reputable company at no effort, no cost and no risk? What will they do for me?" We're glad to show you:

  • Philip & Henry Productions will provide an astounding MAGIC PROGRAM with one of our INCREDIBLE MAGICIANS-AT NO COST TO YOU.

  • Utilizing proven marketing tools, we will: Spread the magical news to your community - Get everyone excited about the show - and SELL, SELL, SELL!

  • We will also FIND SPONSORS! We will reach out to your local business community, consumers, and members of your organization for sponsorship. Thus we will generate extra revenue for your event!

  • We will provide spectacular promotional material,too---flyers, posters, and tickets! 

  • At your request, we will manage all of the details: Incoming calls, press releases, ticket sales, show coordination, inquiries, and invoicing too!

  • With NO financial investment, your organization will earn a percentage of all revenue!

Philip & Henry Productions Inc. will enhance public awareness of your cause, helping to promote a positive image to your community. You will have a wildly successful fundraising event that will create happy memories for a lifetime!

How does the Philip & Henry fundraising program work its magic? Here's how: 

  • Contact our head office with information regarding your organization/cause. 

  • Within 48 hours, our fundraising committee may decide to take on your organization's fundraiser. 

  • Then we capably manage details for you. 

  • We will utilize our marketing expertise to reach everyone in your community through: 

  • Telesales Campaign 

  • Database Management 

  • Business Sponsorship Program 

  • Direct Mail 

  • Press Releases 

  • Proprietary Marketing Systems 

  • This program is currently available only in select locations, but we plan to add more! 

If you've got a cause, we've got a solution. We've got: Capital - Expert Marketers - and a Nationwide network of mesmerizing performers! We've been promoting and performing for over 20 years--and we ensure your success! What do you get? No cost, no risk, no hassle, a great image, and a percentage of all revenue to help fund your worthy cause! 

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Please call our special events coordinator at 1- to discuss custom options and details to make your special event magical and unforgettable.

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