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Philip and Henry Productions: Sponsorship 

Philip & Henry Productions, Inc. is proud to present…

An innovative, extraordinary advertisement opportunity for businesses all over North America! For just a fraction of the cost of typical advertisements, promote your business--within your own community or across the country! Our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM enables you to do just that. A good way to advertise is through interactive, person-to-person contact. But the best way is what we do: "Live" advertisement generously sprinkled with magic--literally!

The Philip & Henry magical advertising formula is simple. Pledge an amount to sponsor one of our popular AMAZING MAGIC SHOWS in your community. Only professional, talented magicians perform these shows, which have been big hits in hundreds of communities. In return, we will promote your business to the show's delighted audience. Sponsor an AMAZING MAGIC SHOW exclusively or co-sponsor with other area businesses. Your business will receive good exposure with happy, receptive audience members! Your investment will indicate the number of people we can reach on your behalf.

For over 20 years, we have delighted communities across America with our AMAZING MAGIC SHOWS. In that time, our magical entertainers have reached millions of people. Access the vast potential of this advertisement market by joining our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM. Market your business the best way--with our fun, unique shows. Audience members find our shows unforgettable, and they won't forget that you sponsored this delightful entertainment!

Interested? Contact us today at 1-800-863-5738 for more information. A representative will be happy to find the sponsorship opportunity that suits your needs.

Please call our special events coordinator at 1-800-863-5738 to discuss custom options and details to make your special event magical and unforgettable.