5 Reasons Why Most People Love Magic

It’s impossible not to adore magic these days because it’s present everywhere – from TV shows and theaters to corporate events and kid’s birthday celebrations.

Finding someone who doesn’t love a decent magic act would be quite difficult. But why is magic so appealing to people? Famous magicians would not have made billions of dollars in ticket sales if they weren’t.

The interest that magic inspires in audiences has been studied by psychologists, and here are some of the findings they have come to:

Believing in it makes us feel comfortable

When certain facts defy explanation due to our drive to understand the world around us, we “blame” magic and the problem is resolved! In addition, we want to believe that everyone of us is unique, and that symbols, objects, and persons all have destinies and power. Even if both items were well cleaned, we would still choose to wear our best friend’s T-shirt instead of a serial killer’s clothes if we didn’t believe that objects convey people’s essences.

It reminds us of our innocence

Magic transports us back to our younger selves, when we were astounded by seemingly simple feats like having a coin vanish from our hand and reappear behind our ear.

Many of the things we saw around us as children were unexplainable, much like magic. Even though we are far more knowledgeable about how the world works as adults, there are moments when we still experience the same sense of not being able to explain certain facts.

The sensation of amazement that magic inspires lights up people’s lives and makes them feel happy, therefore magic can be a means to maintain hope. By giving up belief in reality and entering the world of magic, magic is a means of escaping the traumatic truth of life.

We love the feel of wonder

The same reason kids have imaginary pals or why some people believe Area 51 is home to aliens and UFOs, magic tricks also exist. We like to imagine that some implausible occurrences, like people levitating or teleporting oneself to Hawaii, might be possible.

Even those who are educated eventually come to the conclusion that some magicians have the ability to read the minds of their audience because a part of us wants to think magic is real.

We are attracted to unexplainable things

Beginning in the first few months of life, playing peek-a-boo with infants can keep them occupied for hours. Babies are thrilled by the thought of something appearing and disappearing in front of them, and as we become older, not much changes.

The trick itself doesn’t get more difficult; instead, a signed card vanishes from your line of sight only to be discovered in your pocket afterwards. The human brain has evolved to make sense of the world, and we require this in order to survive and flourish, as we will discover if we dig deeper into our roots.

We enjoy coming up with explanations for everything that occurs, and when we are unable to do so, we experience a thrill. For example, how was it possible to split the magician’s helper in half and then discover her unharmed minutes later?

It is a part of life

Magic isn’t just about extraordinary deeds and techniques that defy logic; it can also be found in enthralling books, romantic relationships, and delectable deserts. We also see magic or deceit in the special effects we see in movies.

In reality, people seek out magic in all they do, and some are even able to make a living doing it. Since magic shows are frequently presented at significant occasions like weddings or birthday parties, magic also brings back cherished memories.

Close-up Magic: Everything You Need To Know

Close-up magic is entertainment that involves magic that happens in front of your eyes, as well as magic that you can feel and touch. Its distinction from other kinds of magic is due to its intimacy. A stage magician won’t interact with the audience as much as a skilled close-up magician will (or any other form of entertainer for that matter).

The majority of close-up magicians employ standard props such playing cards, money, sponge balls, and ropes. And with these tools, all magicians do the same fundamental magical feats, causing the objects to appear, vanish, transform, float, rest and recover, and penetrate other things.

The near proximity of close-up magic, often with you handling props, is what makes it so fascinating. There are numerous common close-up magic tricks, as well as common routines for performing them.

For instance, in “Ambitious Cards,” the chosen card repeatedly rises to the top of the deck without being shuffled or cut, or in “Sponge Ball,” the ball moves between the audience’s hands and the magician’s in plain view.

In reality, if you want to look, you can find these tricks online for free.

Anyone can conduct an online search and purchase books, DVDs, or even common props and routines on magic close-ups.

How a close-up magician performs their magic is what actually distinguishes one from another. In fact, presentation is essential since it adds to the fun of close-up magic. The best professional magicians will be imaginative and present their magic in a unique and enjoyable manner. Sometimes it’s humorous, other times it’s enigmatic, and other times it’s just plain bizarre. Magic turns becomes a vehicle for the player’s character and beliefs.

Therefore close-up magic is such fun to watch. You are shown the impossible, bizarre, and beautiful by interesting, peculiar, and humorous people right in front of you!